Youth development and educational attainment for minoritized groups has become one of the major social justice issues in the 21st century. In the United States, the state of education of minoritized groups has two looming issues:


  • The number of minoritized students graduating from high school has been steadily increasing, yet college graduation rates for these groups has either become stagnant or decreasing.
  • Teachers, administrators, staff, youth development professionals, and practitioners continue to struggle with obtaining the requisite levels of cultural competency to effectively address the salient needs of minoritized students.


We believe that our unique approach to youth development and empowerment produces programmatic solutions that lead to an increased number of better prepared graduates from minoritized groups. 

Torinity has three unique hallmarks that can help your organization facilitate an increased number of minoritized high school and college graduates that are well-prepared to fully engage as citizens in our society:


  • A comprehensive youth development strategy that focuses on academic success, self-assessment, heightened expectations, personal development, character development, leadership development, civic engagement, career exploration, cultural/social justice education, and post-secondary education exploration.
  • A comprehensive community-based approach that includes the participation of parents and other surrogate caregivers, educational institutions, the nonprofit community, the faith community and the corporate community.
  • Creating a process for educational institutional transformation that includes the participation of better prepared and engaged students and more culturally competent faculty, administrators, practitioners, and staff.