Do you have a community problem you want to solve, the organization purposed to do it, and the drive to make change happen, but in need of strong, measurable, fundable program to do so?

Are you experiencing an institutional issue that you want to address, but not quite sure how to develop a program to attack it in an impactful way?

Has your programming become outdated, become boring and not quite as effective as you would like it to be? If so, let Torinity help you develop programming that will actually achieve your objectives.

At Torinity, we understand that one size does NOT fit all:

  • We emphasize working closely with our clients to master their personnel and constituency makeup. We know that understanding our clients is paramount to designing and delivering effective training and programming.
  • At Torinity, our consultants probe our clients for historic pain points to ensure our solutions are tailored to their most pressing concerns.
  • We stress capturing the future you see for your institution and developing training and programs that take you to your destination instead of simply meeting you where you are today.
  • At Torinity, we provide custom training based in subject matter expertise, as well as a layman’s perspective. We never forget that ultimately, non-experts need to absorb the content of our training and programming so they can apply it in their lives.


R.A.R.E. Approach

In a time when the average attention span is merely seconds, solutions-based programming must be gripping, engaging and memorable. Gone are the days when a presenter droning on and on before an audience suffices to achieve programmatic goals. To ensure constituents of Torinity-developed programs engage, retain and enact the lessons therein, we use our R.A.R.E. approach of using Relatable characters, Animations and illustrations, Real-life scenarios Education. By leveraging human images and situations that reflect program audiences, and using animations and illustrations with interactive exercises, our programming is fun, entertaining, and most importantly, sticky.

Are you a good candidate for Torinity’s Program Development services?

Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations have charitable missions that are best executed by structured programming and training. However, the great majority of such organizations do not have comprehensive, measurable programming. Torinity helps nonprofits develop custom programming to achieve their specific mission; programming that is equally educational and entertaining, by using our R.A.R.E. approach.

We develop noteworthy programming that will achieve results and bring recognition to your organization, both of which are crucial to obtaining grant funding and sponsorships – the lifeblood of the continued existence and growth of nonprofit organizations. In addition to program development, many nonprofit organizations need training on the implementation of programming, and we are experienced program train-the-trainer educators.


Law Enforcement Agencies

While our brave men and women in law enforcement are busy doing the tough work of securing our communities and capturing criminals, it is sometimes difficult, and quite frankly, unfair that they are expected to also develop programming necessary for community outreach. Many police would love to teach and educate the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve on how the justice system works and how to avoid getting trapped in that system. Torinity provides the programming that any law enforcement officer or agency can easily use to educate the public on the law and managing police encounters so all parties exit the encounter safely and in tact.

We help law enforcement by providing tools, materials and programming that law enforcement can use to bridge the gap between them and the community. Our pre-developed criminal law literacy and crime prevention programming can also be used by law enforcement, corrections and probation officials to reduce recidivism and future poor decision-making of prior offenders.