Colleges & Universities (Athletic Departments)

It is incumbent upon institutions of education to provide an environment optimal for teaching students and fostering their personal development. Colleges and universities should be safe, devoid of sexual misconduct and violent crimes. Yet, 1-in-5 women on college campuses in the U.S. are sexually assaulted on campus. And approximately 19 students per 1,000 on college campuses are victims of violent crime. At a major university with 20,000 students or more that’s more than 1,000 young people under the school’s charge who become victims of violence. Incidents of property crimes, disorderly conduct and mischief are even greater. This is unacceptable for the world’s greatest institutions of education.

The damage to these victims, their fellow students, and their families as a result is extensive. All of these numbers are suppressed by rampant underreporting. And when criminal incidents are reported and bubble up to the awareness of the public, they put the schools at risk of liability; not to mention the public relations black eye that comes with it.

When it comes to student athletes, the risks increase exponentially. NCAA penalties, negative publicity, lost revenue due to the decline of the competitive product of the involved student-athlete’s sport are all possible consequences when a student-athlete becomes involved in misconduct or criminal activity. The heightened scrutiny and publicity enhances the inherent mental, emotional, and/or physical damage to all involved; especially the victims. FBS/Div-I schools spend tens of millions of dollars per year on recruiting expenses for the students they bring to their campus to perform athletically. Meanwhile, the percentage of total student-athletes who find themselves in trouble with the law hovers between 10% and 15%. When those student-athletes leave their chosen school as a result, that’s millions of dollars in unrealized return on that institution’s investment.


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