Criminal Law Literacy E-Learning Lesson 7: Knowing & Asserting Rights


Lesson 7: Knowing and Asserting Your Rights

  • Describe the purpose of the Constitution of the United States
  • Summarize the rights protected by the Fourth Amendment
  • Define the right against self- incrimination
  • Instruct participants on examining a search warrant
  • Explain the importance of Miranda rights
  • Recount and recite Miranda Rights
  • Demonstrate how to determine whether you’re being detained or arrested
  • Help participants recognize WHEN to invoke their right to remain silent
  • Demonstrate to participants HOW to invoke their right to remain silent
  • Explain the difference between an arrest warrant and a search warrant
  • Demonstrate the proper way to refuse a search of your property
  • Help participants recognize police interrogation techniques
  • Describe proper behavior when encountering law enforcement
  • Explain the three types of police encounters
  • Describe proper ways to handle verbal assaults by law enforcement
  • Describe proper ways to handle physical assaults by law enforcement
  • Explain how to address police misconduct
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