Doors of educational opportunity can be quickly opened or closed to students depending on their performance on college entrance exams. Simply put…higher scores for students on these exams mean more college options and even more money in scholarships. Every year, students receive scores that are not representative of their academic ability. Using sound pedagogical methods, our interactive training approach provides participants with proven skills and strategies that lead to higher scores on the ACT or SAT. 

Torinity delivers tailored, comprehensive training solutions that focus on three key areas of college entrance exam preparation:


  • Developing Content Skills
  • Understanding Effective Test Taking Strategies 
  • Engaging in Diagnostic Practice Exams


Developing Content Skills

Students who participate in college preparation curricula at their respective high schools have the ability to demonstrate knowledge of English, Math and Science in the classroom. Many of those students struggle to demonstrate that knowledge in standardized exam settings. Torinity’s approach provides students with the tangible skills to enhance their abilities to demonstrate knowledge in the content areas of English, Math, Science and Writing…under exam conditions. 


Understanding Effective Test Taking Strategies/Behaviors

Torinity’s training approach has an intentional focus in understanding successful test taking strategies.  The training focuses on developing behaviors on how to answer questions effectively, how to manage time during the test, how to eliminate particular answer choices, etc. For each participant, Torinity provides a comprehensive guide of test taking strategies for English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Writing. 


Engaging in Diagnostic Practice Exams

The cornerstone of Torinity’s approach is the implementation of diagnostic practice exams to develop customized study guides for students. Engaging in diagnostic practice exams allows students to “test drive” their new skills and strategies under exam conditions. It is not enough to drill students on content and introduce test taking strategies…Torinity provides opportunities for students to focus on what content areas that need to be strengthened through the production of individualized study guides.