What is college and career readiness?

As defined by the Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC), a student who is ready for college and career can qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses leading to a baccalaureate or certificate, or career pathway-oriented training programs without the need for remedial or developmental coursework.

Why college and career readiness is important?

According to the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, 90% of new jobs in growing industries with high wages will require some form of postsecondary education.

While participating in a rigorous high school curriculum is a key part of college and career readiness, it is not enough. Just having a high school diploma is not enough. Torinity can provide comprehensive programmatic solutions to make sure your high school graduates have the additional skills and knowledge to ensure that all doors remain wide open as they pursue their educational and career aspirations. 

Our comprehensive, asset based approach focuses on two key areas of college and career readiness:

  • Developing Strategies
  • Growing Knowledge and Skills

Developing Strategies

To be successful in the world of college and work, students need much more than the time-honored advice to “work hard”. They must be empowered and equipped with modern strategies that will help them navigate challenges that may arise in the world of college and work. Torinity’s approach will not only assist in the development of what your students will learn…we will positively change how they think about solving problems, how they conduct research to form ideas, how they interpret information, etc. We can help your students to develop these strategies to remain competitive and adaptive in the world of college and work. 

Growing Knowledge and Skills

While making the transition from high school to college and career, students (especially students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds) must be prepared to navigate through some serious complex challenges (personally, culturally, financially, and professionally). From knowing how to apply to college, exploring and choosing a career path, applying for financial aid, writing a resume/cover letter, interviewing for an entry level position, advocating for their best interests, to adjusting to the new school or work environment, they need to know how to get where they want to go. Our consultants can guide your team or your students on a pathway to build a knowledge base and skill base to be college and career ready.