About Torinity & Our History

Torinity, LLC is a Georgia headquartered limited liability company, founded in 2006. Our mission initially was to publish, promote and distribute innovative and dynamic writings aimed at bringing useful information to a broad spectrum of reading and comprehension levels. Receiving exceptional response to our approach to education and the transfer of information, and numerous calls from consumers for additional services, we added direct training and seminars, education program development and implementation services to our offerings in 2012. 

To meet the needs of an ever-evolving client base, we expanded our mission to assist businesses and government employers, institutions of higher education and vocational training, and nonprofit organizations in the development and implementation of their own education and service programming using our techniques and strategies.

In 2019 we added time-management, work-life balance and wellness, college readiness and entrance exam preparation, and project management and process improvement to our services and expanded our operations wider into the Southwest, and in the Midwest with the opening of our Cincinnati office.

We fill the market need for expert consulting and training with dynamic seminars and workshops, easy-to-understand learning materials and programs designed for everyday people. Our services and products have tremendous appeal to institutions who do not have an interest in the boring traditional programs, tutorials and publications of old, and are exhausted with trite, ineffective teachings. Contact us now to learn more about training that will keep your constituents awake and engaged, while learning what you need them to know.